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What type of health check up must i do before plasticsurgery

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What type of health check up must i do before plasticsurgery

Post by trilogytwist » Thu, 14 Jul 2011 9:18 pm

I want to do a chin implant and a procedure to make my nose appear smaller( i already have sharp nose just that the tip is 'chubby') and if possible slim down my face

Which of the above procedures require LA ,which of it requires GA?

What type of health checkup must i do before the operation?

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Post by cherrypassion » Thu, 14 Jul 2011 11:00 pm

It depends on how much work is needed.
I know some plastic surgeons who do rhinoplasty with LA. But most prefer GA. Same with Chin Implant.

As for face slimming, it depends again on what you want done. There are many procedures. But overall, your surgeon will decide what is best.

Health Checkups usually include Blood Tests.. and performed by the hospital/clinic you will perform your surgery in. So there is no point in spending money to do this check up yourself.

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Post by ValerieY » Fri, 15 Jul 2011 12:14 am

All the best for your surgery!!

You might also want to have a check on your blood pressure as well?

Your PS should advise you on the various foods to avoid 2-4 weeks pre op and post op.

Most importantly you Must tell your PS if you have any drug allergies.
Minor allergy reactions could be swollen eyes and rashes. Severe ones could land one in hospital. A fren just got warded for difficulty in breathing after taking a new med.

I am currently on TCM powered medications, Vit C, Whitening, Collagen, Omega Fish Oil, Ginko Biloba & Pantothenic Acid Pills.

Doc advised me to stop all except Vit C.

Sineech Is a Good Painkiller Supposedly..

Post Op, Take Pineapple Juice (Thanks to aadvark) or ask mummy to cook China Barely to bring down bruising.

Have heard about rosebud tea, will go Fu Lu Shou Level 1 medical shop to stock up on that.

I have also bought Cranberry Pure Extract for post op. Supposed unsweetened cranberry juice works great as well.

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