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Some Questions About Rhinoplasty

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Some Questions About Rhinoplasty

Post by Moshi » Thu, 14 Jul 2011 2:48 pm


I'm new to this forum.

I would like to do rhinoplasty as the side of my nose are quite fat and i got a upturn nose which can easily see my nostril. I have been tempting to get it done for many many years.

I was actually thinking whether should i get my nose done by top surgeon like Woffles Wu or Martin Huang but i'm worried their rates are too high for me. I know it's better to find the best surgeons regarding this type of things, but i don't think i can afford. My budget is around 6-7k and the max i fork out with is 10k.

I just got a name card of this surgeon called Chua Jun Jin, have anyone done rhinoplasty with this plastic surgeon? How is his skills and price range?

And is there any other good recommendations for plastic surgeon? I don't wanna go overseas to get it done.

Hope to get more info. Thanks. :???:

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Post by spykcu » Thu, 14 Jul 2011 11:23 pm

go taiwan or korea can relax at the same time.. can look for rhinoplasty expert

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Post by Moshi » Fri, 15 Jul 2011 7:06 am

local pls..thanks

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good rhinoplasty surgeon for asians

Post by TheyCallMeHollywood » Wed, 20 Jul 2011 5:11 pm

sorry I can't direct PM, but i would like to recommend dr.victor from esadsa kl. He is very highly skilled and has an artistic refinement. further more, he would listen to your needs and take time to explain the procedure.

the only drawback is that he does not have photos in his office as of his clients are tai-tai types or VIPs who won't allow their photos taken. however he can draw out for you what your nose would look like.

my friend has done rhino with him ( from shapeless flat to angelababy type) and her PS in Los Angeles was very impressed. I have done medial epicamthoplasty with him. It was subtle and there was no visible scarring.

I think for rhino his rates would be rm6-8k? you could email him or call.

btw, here are some tips that I wished I knew before I had my first PS

1. do your own research on the procedure - the pros,cons, alternatives, typical complications.
2. only go for qualified, BOARD certified surgeons.
3. bring photos of results you like. ask if it's possible/recommended.
4. do not go for "extreme makeovers" , I know budget u
is a concern but trust me, you can make the money later. Try to do 1-2 surgeries at one time at most, and preferably, on parts that do not affect each other. e.g , nose+chin op is reasonable, but buccal fat and cheek implants not. wait at least 3 months after buccal fat op, so you can see end result and decide if you need cheek implants and if yes, what kind (many kinds of cheek implants),
5. when in doubt, go for the more conservative approach. You can do 2-3 rhinos in your life time if each one was done well and with moderate change (not talking about michael Jackson who completely rebuild his nose at least 4 times). your nose takes up to TWO years to truly heal and stabilize, so thats the average amount of time you should wait for a tweak/refinement, if necessary. My first rhino looked weird for 6 months - then it gradually became better and after 3 years, looks great. now I'm ready to refine it just a bit more.

waiting and giving time would also give you time to adapt and get used to your new feature. what looks odd to you now might look beautiful a year down the line.

hope this helps : )

if you're in Singapore flights to KL is quite affordable, so are budget hotels around the area.
Done:braces, rhino,brow lift,buccal fat, thread lift and more injections, lasers and peels than I care to remember.
Soon: forehead aug., 2nd rhino, breast aug. and gummy smile correction, cheek impls.

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