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How to Gain Weight?

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Re: How to Gain Weight?

Postby craighouston » Sat, 09 Jun 2018 4:22 pm

craighouston wrote:most people would think of exorbitantly priced weight gainers at supplement stores. But NO!

Weight gainers are essentially whey protein but with massive amounts of sugar, sorry.. compounded sugar that causes insulin spikes called dextrose or maltodextrin. And its pretty much yoyo dieting, more of a temporary cause.

Where to buy protein powder in singapore?

Go for the permanent and better solution with just normal whey protein isolate with minimal sugar.

Aim for 0.5kg of weight gain per 1-2 weeks for permanent gains. Hope this helps!

I totally forgot to also mention : normal MILK that you see at the grocery store daily is a very efficient weight gainer! I bought Meiji, HL, Greenfields, Magnolia.. found that HL and Meiji are the most friendliest to the tummy.

GOMAD : Gallon of Milk a Day.

It helped me ALOT during my powerlifting younger days where the bigger the muscles, the stronger we are. Combine with Whey Protein and blend em for a wonderful chilled smoothie to drink under the hot Singapore sun..
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Re: How to Gain Weight?

Postby Pennykee » Wed, 20 Jun 2018 6:35 pm

If you exercise a lot, cut it down. Be a couch potato and stuff your self with good food but remember to keep an eye for your health too. If you tried everything and is not working is either your metabolism is faster than normal ppl or you need to see a doctor.

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Re: How to Gain Weight?

Postby jnageb18 » Fri, 22 Jun 2018 5:38 pm

eat more! put more calories into your body than what it is used to, and over a sustained period of time. thats bcos our bodies adapt to new lifestyles and not temporary shocks. if u are intending to gain muscle mass, then hit the gym and build some muscles with weighted exercises. in short, just eat alot more. your body is at its current size bcos its used to the amount of food(calories in them) that youve been feeding it. your body is not going to change just by small tweaks. it needs to experience lots more calorie intake, everyday, than it has been used to.

I have used weightgainers(supplements) before and am not a huge fan of it. thats because they contain tons of chemical/artificial ingredients and the ingredients that contribute to weight gain are simple sugars, carbs and fat which lack many other essential nutrients. I prefer whole foods now, for a more complete nutrient intake so my body doesnt just receive calories to gain weight but is healthy overall.

but thats just my opinion! some people may suggest weightgainers and they can be useful for some circumstances.

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