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over-corrected fat graft - guidelines to correct it

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over-corrected fat graft - guidelines to correct it

Post by boii18 » Fri, 17 Jun 2011 12:57 am

Hi all

Im writing this post to possibly help those in the future who may have over-correction from fat grafting.

I had fat grafting about 2-3 weeks ago in Korea and My chin is over-grafted. It has led my chin to become very long like a witch.

There are several options at hand for those who have over-corrected fat graft. I am saying this after extensive reviewing of the scant medical literature available.. i am also proposing some unorthodox methods..

common methods

1) wait . over the first few months, mostly 2 months, much swelling and fats will dissipate. reason being that not all of the fat will grow blood supply and become permanent.

2) kenalog injection - more suitable for fibrotic masses that can be palpated.
kenalog injection also reduces swelling

3) prednisone - oral medication that is used to reduce swelling to have a preview of what result there will be in the future

4) weight loss - by losing weight, a proportionate amount of fat will be lost from the donor site..

5)microliposuction - using an 18 G cannula, a microliposuction is performed
i will probably exercise this option as a last resort as this causes increased swelling

6) aggressive massage - endorsed by coleman ( pioneer of the technic )

methods i think of ( that are unorthodox )

1) taking vasoconstrictors to reduce the "take" of the fat - e.g. pseudoephedrine, antihistamines, etc

2) injecting veperamil which breaks down fibrotic tissue.. im not sure if i shd self-inject this. probably not, as my consultation with a plastic surgeon whos willing to inject kenalog is coming soon :)

3) injecting dilute adrenaline and lidocaine into the area to induce vasoconstriction over a 24 hour period, leading to cell death of the fat cells ... i have done this ( self-injected, so its not medically endorsed !).. i think its better to take vasoconstrictors e.g. pseudoephedrine after this injection.. potential dangers with toxicity - pls do ur research .

i will exercise all options and focus more on other stuff... i think obsession is bad, makes u terribly depressed... guys and girls hang on there :)

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Over-corrected forehead

Post by texascrazy » Sun, 19 Aug 2012 10:57 pm

I had a forehead injection and upper cheek injection one month ago and it makes my face much flatter and fatter than what I look. The injection on the eyebrow is changing my eye shape and face structure which doesn't fit well with my features. I am considering having the fat graft removed but i heard it is extremely tricky. thanks for the sharing of the above method. how was the consultation of steroid injection for you? and how was the result for it if you have done? appreciate if more details about the length of swelling and effectiveness of the steroid injection! thanks so much!!

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