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Employment Pass Issues with living in Johor

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Employment Pass Issues with living in Johor

Post by sstewart » Tue, 07 Jun 2011 11:30 pm

Hello all. My apologies for perhaps posting a note that was repeated earlier but I have been searching for days atttempting to acquire some solid information on living in Nusajaya and comuting to Singapore. Here's my story...
I have just found a fantastic rental property in Ledang and am willing to forego the possible commute to enjoy what my family considers a dream property! This is an opportunity for us to beat the daily grind of Singapore and get the space we so desparately crave as Canadians. Ultimately, the lease has been drawn up and all we have to do is sign. The only issue is, I need clarification on our green cards (EP's & DP's - family of 4 with both parents working in Singapore). We have spoken to a few other foreign expats at length and they say there is no issue with commuting - we just want to be sure that this is all legitimate. Our employer has suggested we find out as they have not had the request for this sort of information in the past. I see that some members have offered themselves as sounding boards but as a new user I am not able to access their PM accounts.
Is there special paperwork or do you just change your address on your EP renewal? We are going to MOM tomorrow evening to renew our passes and would like to know if we should be asking questions?
Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Regards

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