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Sunday off-day time limits

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Blue Sapphire
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Sunday off-day time limits

Post by Blue Sapphire » Sat, 04 Jun 2011 12:28 am

What is the duration maids generally take during their off-days? Is there a reasonable limit to what time they should leave and return?

I'm in the process of interviewing and I've had one asking for 7am-10pm. I said how about until 8pm but she wasn't happy about that. So she negotiated for 9pm. Her last employer did not give her any time limit and that it was ok with them for her to even come home at 11pm.

I don't want to be an unreasonable employer but I don't want to be too relaxed either.

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Post by ksl » Sun, 05 Jun 2011 11:43 am

I guess many factors kick in with maids, on how mature and responsible they are, one would expect an adult to act like an adult, though it's not always the case.

Personally our last maid was very good and reliable, though also married and in her late 30's. I would have allowed a deadline of 10pm if she requested it, after all some maids do have friends they share their time with.

Single young and adventurous types could be another problem, I guess you need to evaluate how comfortable you are with giving her that time.

Though you are responsible for her, she is a human and has needs just like any other human. you may need to give her a pep talk on pregnancy, to be on the safe side.

Otherwise she could be deported if coming home pregnant.

Sing government have dumped all the responsibilites on employers which is quite a burden, though you should be covered on the insurance. I think it is $15k coverage, but better to find out the costs of coming home pregnant, it could easy run up, with deportation costs and an abortion. Other than that, I would give her the full day off, but home for 10pm.

If you feel insecure about it, 8 or 9pm shouldn't be a problem, if it is she can always transfer. The point is you as the employer must be relaxed and not worrying too much. Like any adolescent it's about trust and respect for each other.

Make it clear if she oversteps her mark, you will get rid of her, after all she has signed a contract. (Is there no guidelines on time off) Try asking the agent what is normally recommended if unsure and uncomfortable. You could also call the last employer too, to ask if she is reliable, through the agent.

It's not at all easy for maids and many conflicts can arise, an example is that our last maid was transferred, her new employer phoned us after 8 weeks to say, the maid was behaving strangely and wasn't doing her work properly. It turned out that the employer has sold their condo, and had moved in with relatives and the employers sister was very bossy, and making her do things for her.

Also the sisters maid a Filipino, was telling the Indonesian maid, not to touch the work, as she wasn't employed in that home. the poor Indonesian maid, didn't know which way to turn, and was very unhappy.

After i talked with her, she explained to me what was going on, so i made it clear that she wasn't to do any work for the sister in her sisters house, just look after her employers kids, as her work permit address, is the place of her employment. When they move into new property then she will need a new work permit with the new address on it.

I think keeping straight to the point, or even making a schedule of things to do and on what days, will ease your mind too.

As not all maids are capable of keeping themselves employed all day, so a list is helpful. I personally hate dust, so I made sure, she dusted twice a week in places, that are mostly overlooked, like on top of picture frames, along the window frames and such. Not that I'm fussy, just that being in the military, and having to clean and be inspected is a step towards self discipline and hygiene when sharing with 30 people or more.

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