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Post by BillyB » Thu, 02 Jun 2011 10:40 am

Mad Scientist wrote:
BillyB wrote:
I thought he was carrying cash. It sounds like he is travelling so just withdrawing when needed.

MS, how do you do a authorize a standing order at a local bank here if your originating bank - Santander - doesn't have oversea's branches in Asia?
Doesn't need to have a branch here in SG. Santander definitely has these sets of docs for him to sign prior his arrival. He can leave out the appointed bank in SG first as Santander would need the local bank swift code etc.. for TT. Once in SG open a bank account, inform Santander of your local bank account number details etc and all is done.
This is what I have done when I went on extended assignments. overseas be it from Maybank SG to National Bank OZ or BNZ to DBS even to BOC Shanghai. I would not want flashing my cash everywhere I go, this is how I did it.
Of course the other way is look for banks that have branches here in SG like HSBC, Citibank or Stanchart
Gotcha, but what to do if he is only travelling and not intending to live and work in a Country long-term?

The only option is taking a pile of cash or using your ATM card and bearing the charges right?

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Post by Mad Scientist » Thu, 02 Jun 2011 11:04 am

Yup , not sure if Western Union is viable here
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Post by James-83 » Mon, 06 Jun 2011 1:53 pm

Well I made it back in one piece and Singapore was great fun.

My cash card worked fine and was used quite a bit considering I wasnt expecting the price of beer lol

I really do like it in Singapore. Some of the buildings are quite amazing and Clarke Quay was great fun. The food was brill and Singapores cleanliness is pretty comforting.

Id like to move there but being self employed and not having much of an education seems to be quite a barrier though. I guess I'll have to make alot of money first then come over :-).

The only thing that seemed slightly off putting was everyone I asked seemed to think that there was a lot of racism going on especially towards Phlillipinos and Indians. I personally didnt see or feel that but I was only there for a couple of days.

Ill definately be back, perhaps on my next visa run which is 3 months from now, already missing the Indian food.

Thanks for all your help guys

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