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Post by logo1234 » Thu, 02 Jun 2011 10:39 am

As someone who recently moved into Singapore, my experience -

1. Cable - No deposit needed. Cost of packages vary based on length of contract. There are some special promotions ongoing. Personally quite complicated the whole mechanics. Either you go with a max spend and then adapt the package or what is the min you want (in terms of channels) and then decide the cost. Only StarHub and SingTel offer cable packages.

Phone - If you take a 02 year contract, you may actually get the phone without any deposit. Quite hassle free and quick.

Maid - This blog may help -

As you will realise, StarHub/SingTel/M1 have simillar plans and prices. Then the question is who has a better coverage and a better suite of channels. Also if you are with a big corporate, you can get 10-30% discount on your mobile package. On your cable and broadband connection, makes sense to go with one provider as that gets you addln discount. No corporate discount available on them though.


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Post by ksl » Thu, 02 Jun 2011 6:02 pm

Laxidasical wrote:Thanks! $500 for utilities, huh? Do a lot of people skip out of town without paying their bills?
Lots & Lots of locals owe money to loan sharks, and not pay bills lah! Not change address legally hard to find. So big deposits and/or lengthy contracts, but VINEGAR is cheap :lol:

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