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23/m/awesome thinking about moving to SG

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23/m/awesome thinking about moving to SG

Post by ac87 » Sun, 29 May 2011 5:49 pm

Quick intro about me: Indian parents (hence the love of curry), born and brought up in the Netherlands (hence the inability to speak Indian, my general awesomeness) currently living in Shanghai.

My internship here is going to end in July and I really don't feel like going back home to the Netherlands. Having far too much fun in Asia :) Shanghai, Hong Kong and SG seem to be the most "western" cities around here, so my preference is to permenantly relocate to one of those places after my internship is done. I've managed to make a quick trip to HK so know what that place is all about, but have never been to Singapore before.

Was wondering if you guys could enlighten me about what its like being a 20 something year old in SG. How's the night life? Is it comparable to SH/HK? Is there a good expat scene? Are they really as strict and prude as the media makes it out to be?

Any tips/hints/opinions are greatly appreciated. My email is ashwin87 at gmail.

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