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Would this be the right way to do it?

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Would this be the right way to do it?

Post by Lochsong » Tue, 17 May 2011 8:23 pm

Right, Hi there everyone . I didn't want to just come on and ask a general question about how to negotiate a rent for property so I tried to do as much research as possible. :D

We previously looked at moving but ended up in Batam - long story. I hated it for many reasons not to mention the complete nightmare of renting a place.

So now it looks like we may be offered a package for Singapore and I am not very trusting, as the Batam LL was Singaporean and whoever was supposed to be "helping" from my husband's company managed to negotiate the rent in an upwards direction!! :twisted: The elec wasn't earthed and nearly killed me and the kids. They sent the "best" electrican on the island to fix it. When water started pouring through the roof (meant to have been fixed prior to moving in) they sent the same guy to patch it up. Then water started pouring down kitchen wall - I could go on and on but I'll stop moaning now!

However, I did love Singapore on our many visits over. Only thing which kept me sane!! LOL

So in my head this is how it pans out.

1) I see a property I like advertised online - approx $6000 and its $4.50psft

2) I get a copy of the URA's list of recent private rentals from the last quarter showing the average price psqf is 3.33.

3) Contact agent via online listing or via phone and check he is working on behalf of LL and not me (no agents fees from me)

4) If they are fine with that go and view.

5) If I want to offer - do so below the average price at first and negotiate from there stating my reasons.

6) Check tenacy rights/lease as per this great thread

Now I know this isn't a fullproof plan but its the only one I have at moment. Any advice would be greatfully received especially if I am missing anything important. I am happy to pay a fair and reasonable price for a property but not an overinflated crazy one.

Oh and FYI when I say package, my husband isn't paid a Singapore salary, he will be in Batam and I will be here with the kids on student passes. Just incase you think I'm getting a crazy housing allowance and can pick and choose anything I want. We really can't!


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