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Is the agent Fraud?

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Is the agent Fraud?

Post by instantshikhar222 » Sat, 07 May 2011 9:58 pm


I rented a hdb in clementi singapore last year in september for 2200 sgd. I saw the advertisement of this house in news paper and contacted the number mentioned.
This man happened to be an Agent.
After seeing the house, i decide to rent it.The agent said he is acting on behalf of landlord as he has the power of attorney.He asked for half month rental i.e 1100 sgd.
He also took 1 month deposit and some 100 sgd for stamp duty.
After paying a huge sum (including 1 month rental,1 month security and half month agent fees), i shifted in the house.

I signed a 11 month contract with agent in which landlords sign was present before. In the contract it is mention that only 4 people can stay in the house, we were two person at the time of renting the house but the agent agreed that two more person can join later.

In March 2011, i informed that agent that two more people(couple) will be joining us and sent their IC and passport copies to him via mail,
he also came to meet them and see their documents. He didnt mentioned anything specific about their stay and said that he will do some paper work which is necessary.

On 26 th april, he came with some sub letting paper and asked us to pay again his comission for another room occupied by new people. i refused, as i have already given him the comission
previously. He said that he has not registerd other two people yet in HDB..but i have provided him with documents long before the other two person shifted. He also threatened to call police i
Then he asked other two person who joined in march to leave the house immediately or pay his commission.

After this incident, i immediately gave him the1 month notice, he also signed on the paper, i also mailed him but never get his acknowledement. i am scared that he might forfeit my deposit.
i never met the landlord nor did i have any contact information of landlord.

Plz tell me and guide me whether this Agent is fooling us ???? is he a cheat??? as then i should file a complain against him..
i have his name, license no. He is registered by some name and has only two person(himself and his wife) in the company.

Plz help me and advice what should i do.. asap

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Post by JR8 » Sun, 08 May 2011 12:39 am

I'd report him now and ask for advice from them how to proceed also. I don't have the link for the regulatory body at hand, hopefully someone will be along soon, or you can use the Search function.

Your sub-tenants are under NO contractual obligation to the agent, unless that is explicitly stated in your original Tenancy Agreement.

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Post by nakatago » Sun, 08 May 2011 1:24 am

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