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worth being a lowcost airline cabin crew?

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Post by kalyn » Thu, 19 May 2011 12:03 pm

In my humble opinion, no, it's not worth it. Salary aside (and salary, mind you, is a big motivational factor), you don't get to see the world as a LCC cabin crew without long-haul fligths, and trust me, you'll get jaded in a short while. SQ for instance, very much prefers fresh new CC, as these are the people who are willing to learn and more "teachable", unlike experienced CC who thinks they know it all. This particular trait is much sought after by the airline. if you think joining a LCC can gain you an edge, you may be mistaken. Why waste your precious 2 years in a place where you know will not get you anywhere? I'll definitely give the LCC a miss.

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Post by rev12000 » Fri, 20 May 2011 3:39 am

If you intend to go for LCC, hoping it will be stepping stone for International Carrier(s)" I would suggest you try for International Carrier(s) first. Have confident, it's what the interviewer(s) wants in a cabin crew to-be. Be who you are and charm them with your personality. It's never too young to join a International Carrier(s), a friend of mine was only 18 back then. Of coz' they are ex-crew from LCC to International Carriers too. I trust it's back to knowing what you want. What's right for others, may not be right for you. Listen to your heart. There's my 2cents worth of advice. Cheers !!

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