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SMRT Shop Space price info?

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Post by ksl » Wed, 20 Apr 2011 9:51 pm

Sodan check your PM.

The SMRT leasing is geared to win and you to lose in most cases meaning it's not really for the inexperienced retailer.

The same goes for the shop cart trolleys, your market research must be very solid and detailed. You cannot just think wow, that place is really heavy traffic, as really heavy traffic is no good unless you are able to capture them, so a more detailed survey is needed on the people passing through any MRT station. They all have there own variables to look at.

We deal with commercial rent, and space organisers on a daily basis, and have learnt by experience to negotiate on our own terms and not theirs. A win win relationship is needed not a win lose.

If you want to submit a tender, then you will have to do your maths on sound experience, otherwise you will lose the opportunity, or lose your money, getting it right will be through experience.

My suggestion would be to avoid it, if it's your first retail business, there are plenty of good locations around and alternative retail concepts, that can increase your retail revenue, though your product range may also be a deciding factor.

If you want to contact the lease holders, just leave your business card or details and ask the cashier to pass it to the business owner, requesting a time to arrange a business meeting.

Those that are losing money will be more than happy to sublet if they can. though they will increase the monthly rent, to cut their losses.

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Post by Strong Eagle » Wed, 20 Apr 2011 10:25 pm

What is this? A wind up? If you can't figure out how to get a name, your chances at business success aren't going to be very good. If you want to hire me as a business consultant to tell you how to do things, that is a different story. Right now, my recommendation is... faggeddaboudit.

sodan wrote:Strong Eagle,

How can we find out the owner of the commercial shop?

Strong Eagle wrote:So maybe you need to contact the business owner. Look, you've already said you don't know what a reasonable bid is. I've already told you that there are two components... what you think you could afford, based upon your business plan, and what others are paying.

What's left? This isn't rocket science. Get the name of the owner and find out. What other choice is there, other than bidding an amount your biz plan says will work and seeing if you are successful?
sodan wrote:Strong Eagle,

The problem is almost closed to impossible to find out the shop space rental(now or pass transactions) leased by SMRT. I have no clue.

I also tried asking the current shop cashier about the rent. The young school boy just showed me a "don't care" face and said "dunno". I tried the other shop cashier and she said "don't know, is the boss to rent"!!

All I need is just a good location shop space just to start my business. Have almost everything ready.

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Post by aster » Wed, 20 Apr 2011 10:50 pm

Sodan, why are you targeting SMRT retail space in particular? What will you be selling?

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