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Post by ecureilx » Fri, 10 Jun 2011 10:41 am

carlsum1986 wrote: I have a question though.....when you say mess with the gals it means we cant chat them up?
are these indian clubs anything like the lady bars where the girls are more open?
You mean, you compare with a h**ker bar ?? :D :D Pardon my words ..

The girls in the indian bars are girls, ladies, normal ladies .. so if you gonna chat them up, make sure that they are really alone .. and knowing indians, it is very very very unlikely .. or you may suddenly realise that either her BF was in the shades looking for some action (and sometimes the girls are part of the ploy) or .. the girl just was winding you up to make the night memorable..

In other words, if you are not with Indian friends, stay clear .. of the places ..

And if you are thinking of ONS and the type .. God Bless you :D :D

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