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Starhub DVR working with a one-way signal?

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Starhub DVR working with a one-way signal?

Postby jasher0 » Tue, 01 Mar 2011 2:36 pm

Hi, I have recently gone through the challenge/maze of signing up for tv and internet service here in Singapore. I had heard that Starhub was best overall for TV and Singnet was best for internet, but you should probably just pick one and use it for all. I was all set to get Starhub for everything, when I was told that my apartment was only able to have One-Way cable communications, meaning no internet, no on demand TV, and no digital phone. Frustrated, but kindof understanding the technology I went and signed up for Singnet for internet and got TV and phone thrown in the package. BUT, I still wanted Starhub TV for a better channel selection and still hearing it was better quality. The MIO-TV was free, so whatever. After going through the whole process of signing up for Starhub, at the very end I am told I can't use the DVR box because DVR requires two-way communication. I understand no internet, I understand no on demand. I do not understand no DVR. The shows are recorded locally, what is the two-way part of this. DVR pause button is a marriage saver.
I'm really pretty technical and still can't figure this one out. Is there anyone who can explain this to me or tell me that it can work and how I can convince them to give me a DVR and make it work?

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Postby x9200 » Wed, 02 Mar 2011 8:06 am

Just purely speculative: First line customer service person are normally as dumb (technically) as it gets so probably this is what is in the spec = end of discussion. AFAIK all the DVRs of starhub are network upgradable, they recommend to make such upgrades and also ~all the DVRs come with a built-in cable modem. All the receivers are also highly starhub software customized and the DVR may simply check for the mentioned or other reasons whether it has a two-way connection (so the customer may inform them about some problems with their line) and if not, refuse to work even if technically there would be no problem with this.
I think it is worth to try (no idea how to convince them though - but maybe some of your colleagues got it at home?) or just buy a regular DVR and hook it up to your STB.

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