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Helping my girlfriend move to Singapore. Please help!

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Post by ksl » Tue, 01 Mar 2011 4:19 pm

When I read this it reminded me of myself and just how bloody naive i was, before being posted to Singapore in 1970.

I was 20 and my girlfriend was 18 so i had to make a decision to end our 4 year relationship or get married, as i was going away for 3 years. Like the stupid dick i had between my legs I got married and divorced by the time i was 27, as i was always away from home, and she kept falling in love with others :cry:

Really you are far too young, with no experience of women or life to be contemplating signing a life long agreement.

Teenagers go through stages of development with regards to making their plans for life. I remained single after my divorce at 27 until I was 50, at 60 my 10 year old asks me why I am the oldest father of her school, and my answer was quite simple.

I never wanted to marry after my first divorce as there was so many beautiful women to choose from and they are all individually different, I mean don't you get tired of the same cookies :wink: By the time I had my fun, I was 50 years old and lonely, so I met mummy and lived happily ever after :lol:

The path of life is a winding road, with many directions to where you want to go, that means that individuals may plan their own route too earlier or later, can you adapt to the changes as a pair! Remember that love is an illusion, once the bubble bursts you have to face reality.

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Post by ev-disinfection » Thu, 03 Mar 2011 11:59 pm

Well, like i also tell my younger friends.......
If you bring your GF on our trip, it will be "double the cost and half the fun" :cool:

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