part time maid recommendations--please!

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part time maid recommendations--please!

Post by Kenzi » Thu, 24 Feb 2011 1:59 pm

Hi there,

Due to a bad experience, I am posting here for help.

I am in search of a part time maid to come help with general cleaning and laundry at my condo, once a week, for about 4 hours each time. Its a 3-bed apt but there's only two of us so it doesn't get very messy, just routine chores.

I signed a couple weeks ago with a local agency (and not a cheap one), and two days ago they send a woman that simply DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING about cleaning. The agency's webpage claimed how well they train them and etc etc. After the woman did the dishes, some plates and glasses had stuff in them... so I had to go through the dishes and do them again. Even after I explained her how the washing machine worked, she poured detergent in the softener container.... It's rather strange because she did attempt to clean, but after the 4 hours, one couldn't really tell if the apt was cleaned that day or two weeks ago. I heard other expats having similar experiences so Im hesitant to go to another company that could be just the same. I am new here and never had the same problem with maids back in new york. I was under the wrong assumption that when they are called "cleaning maids" they did know how to clean. Sorry for the long post. But if you know someone that does their job properly, I would highly appreciate if you could recommend them.
Thank you!

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Post by x9200 » Thu, 24 Feb 2011 2:17 pm

Good luck.

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