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Advice on whether to move dog over with us

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Post by sonrisa » Fri, 04 Mar 2011 4:14 am

We are in your same spot. We are leaving this summer from US and have an old old big dog and I want him to come with. I am not so worried about quarantine as I am about the flight. Please post if you find out any info. on flying with the dogs. Do you know what airlines you will be taking? And do you know if the Pet Hotel is simply the quarantine place? Is it the only one on the island? I am in contact with them and I am really hoping they will guide me along as far as the paperwork goes.

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Post by keating19 » Fri, 04 Mar 2011 8:56 am

Sonrisa- We will probably be flying United (or some combination of the Star Alliance). My husband spoke with someone at United the other day and he said they were very nice and helpful. They helped ease some of our worries. Since the flights are so long they said that someone would check on him, give him food, etc through the flight. Our vet tech said we could sedate him, but I have also read that is a bad idea (and possibly not allowed??).

We are still not completely sure what we are doing, but started the process so that we will be able to bring him if we decide that way. I submitted the application to get on the quarantine waitlist and we are hoping for a 10 day quarantine. Like you, I worry more about the fliight itself... I think he will be a wreck on it!

When are you moving over? Where are you from in the States?

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