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Posted: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 2:21 pm
by ipporek
Am actually considering between Fitness First (at Fusionopolis) and Celebrity Fitness (at Rochester) now. What I like about Celebrity Fitness is that there's hardly any crowd there.

Re: Fitness First review

Posted: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 6:05 pm
by syla
jc2000m wrote:Thinking about joining the platinum ones around raffles place. wondering what people think of it.
Also any idea on the initial joining fee/admin fee? and monthly fee?
I am thinking of this too or Pure Fitness at Asia Square - both nearby me and convenient.. any idea which will be better recommended? Know Pure Fitness is new in this i guess crowd will be lesser too now???

Posted: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 4:37 pm
by RobertS
I had many problems with Fitness First.

First they can't maintain their facilities very well, second is becoming decadent.

Unfortunately, I can't see any better. Pure Fitness?

Posted: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 1:42 pm
by SV1231
I am about to join FF @ Capital towers.
I am basically joining for the warm water swimming pool… & proximity to my office..
They are asking me to pay $133/month.. & one time admin fee $98.
Wanted to get a reference of what others are paying?

didnt realise ...

Posted: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 12:20 am
by jc2000m
this post is still live and kicking, well I've joined FF for over a year now and loving it. the best part has to be the shirt and shorts they provide as tooo lazy to bring my own and also flexibility to use any of their gym

Posted: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 10:35 am
by Addadude
SV1231 wrote:Hi,
I am about to join FF @ Capital towers.
I am basically joining for the warm water swimming pool… & proximity to my office..
They are asking me to pay $133/month.. & one time admin fee $98.
Wanted to get a reference of what others are paying?
This may be too late a reply for you but my biggest issue with a FF @ Capital Tower is how crowded it gets during peak hours - 6pm to 9pm. The free wights area is VERY small so it becomes almost impossible to have a workout there during these times. It says something that I also have a personal True Fitness membership which I use FAR more often.

I have a subsidised corporate membership so the fees I pay are not comparable to what you are being offered. However from what I know from others who have individual memberships, they are paying in the same price range as you.

Posted: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 1:11 am
by OracleOfQuantico
Hi SV1231,

I have joined FF a year ago, paying $155/mo on open ended contract, access to all club locations.

@madaboutplastic, I'm surprised to hear about the consultant booking a slot for a member in order to joing a group x class. I have asked about this myself when I first joined and was told its not allowed, so make it a point to be in the club 20 mins before the class. Do you mind saying which club location is this?

Posted: Sat, 05 Jan 2013 2:34 pm
by calvink
You get what you paid for... FF is expanding into three new clubs this year.....Fusionopolis is undergoing makeover to become a platinum club...yeah..its the complimentary workout attire that they provide that other competitors do not have.

And an upcoming fitness club Virgin Active by Richard Branson...opening soon this year too...

Posted: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 5:47 pm
by syla
calvink wrote:You get what you paid for... FF is expanding into three new clubs this year.....Fusionopolis is undergoing makeover to become a platinum club...yeah..its the complimentary workout attire that they provide that other competitors do not have.

And an upcoming fitness club Virgin Active by Richard Branson...opening soon this year too...
What is the diff between a platinum club and others? Oh it's cool that they provide workout attire.. I seem to remember my friend mentioning that another gym does as well and I think socks too? She always just hit the gym with her pair of shoes.. If I am not wrong it's Pure Fitness?? Heard about Virgin Active's opening too.. any idea where are they opening? Wonder how is it going to be like.. :wink:

Posted: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 3:56 pm
by itsjesschung
have been with FF for more than a year now, and i think FF is a great place to go for workouts, especially their fusionopolis branch and their alexandra branch!
some branches are rather old and small though, so i will usually avoid going to those!

i get to enjoy corporate discounts too, however it's just marginally cheaper than public rates. oh well..

Re: Fitness First review

Posted: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 3:12 pm
by Donny86
I would advise against it. Their client representatives badly trained and misrepresented to us. That's aside from their bad service. Be sure to read the fine prints carefully over and over again in case you get duped.

I have been an avid goer of the gym for more than 2 years but due to overwhelming work commitments, I transferred the membership to my Fiancée at one of the outlets. The transfer was done extremely hastily without a proper explanation, and we were even made to pay the transfer fee. We willingly paid under the representation from one of the counter representatives that my fiancée could still continue to bring me in as I could bring her when I had the membership.

Subsequent to that, my fiancée first discovered to her horror that she was unable to bring a guest at the 100AM branch in which the representative promised to remedy at the back end to prevent future occurrences. It was a shameful experience as the guest she brought had to be signed up for trial on the spot in order to enter the gym. We thought subsequent to that incident, the situation would be remedied with management approval.

About a month or two later my fiancée and I went to JEM Fitness First and were served by 3 representatives, Khahila, Rozita and one more who did not bother to have her name tag on. They were very rude and were quick to push the blame to other branch representatives for misrepresenting to us. They refused to come up with meaningful suggestions/solutions and suggested we take it with the management.

We are currently seeking help from the management and in the event that it fails, to take it up with the local consumer association CASE.

Re: Fitness First review (yoga room so smelly!)

Posted: Thu, 06 Jul 2017 12:32 am
by SandyLim
Worst yoga lesson of my life. It was so smelly I cannot breathe... much less find my zen! the staff was aware this is unique problem of 100am branch but suggested it's smellier here because of the people @_@

Incredibly horrible customer handling.

Virgin active at Tanjong Pagar Center is sooooo much better!

Re: Thank you for your views

Posted: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 1:49 pm
by peace2all
BillyB wrote:I'd join a smaller, private gym if you are serious about your training. Unless of course you want to be harassed constantly on the phone for PT sessions and given bad training advice by a bunch of mirror pouting, sales target oriented personal trainers whose only real knowledge is based around hair products.

If you want something for convenience at lunch or after work then maybe consider some of the larger places. Membership, whether paid up front for the year or on a monthly basis, will cost you between $90-130 per month.
How I totally agree to your views! Thanks for expressing in the hilarious way that you have. It is so true! I had a terrible experience of complete utter misconduct by the training manager and then total blind eye from the management. I have posted a separate complaint on this forum. Their staff are totally underqualified and do not even look their part as being in fitness

Re: Fitness First review

Posted: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 2:01 pm
by peace2all
Don't even make the mistake of joining Fitness First especially here in Singapore. The equipment is great, no doubt. The gyms are swanky, well some of them. But their trainers are absolutely pathetic, horrendous, rude, under-qualified and most importantly don't look their part (of being in fitness). If you are a complete newbie to exercise and training might still make sense to go there but if you are indeed discerning and know good fitness advice and practice from bad, this is a place to avoid with a barge pole. I am talking from experience of visiting more than half a dozen of their clubs here in Singapore. If you had an injury before, you should avoid their functional group training classes (conducted in the general area) at all costs. They do not watch your posture as the trainers are not qualified or trained enough to do so. They make you do exercises which could potentially harm your back or neck in the long run. For the first few months you'll enjoy the experience but if you are serious about your own health and fitness you will know that their trainers are just putting you through exercises for the heck of it as they know nothing better. Lastly, the members and especially the fitness trainers of the gym should motivate you simply by their looks, fitness and physique. If you have one look at the Fitness first trainers (male and female alike) you will lose your enthusiasm to exercise forever. They look either malnourished, under nutritioned (probably they do not know what nutrition means) or they are struggling with buckling knees under the phenomenal weight of their paunches. The club GMs are not from fitness backgrounds. Add to that absolutely rude behaviour and pathetic customer service. Boutique gyms are much better and so are some of the other chains

Re: Fitness First review

Posted: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 2:25 pm
by peace2all
Fitness First - Training Worst & Customers Last. Ideally that should be their tagline.

It has been over a year that I joined Fitness First. I visited numerous clubs in Singapore and was aghast at the lack of knowledge and physical condition of the trainers. Forget about being in Fitness these trainers looked like they had never exercised in their lives. Add to that absolutely zilch in knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Completely lazy and hanging around, twiddling their thumbs all day. Semi rude receptionists. The only thing good was some of the sales team members. Of course! Soon after I had to go through a major surgery after which I was advised by a doctor not to exercise heavily and I transferred my membership to my friend who is a Fitness Professional. His primary interest of joining FF was for the range of equipment that their clubs and he convinced me to take a new membership there once I was ready to train again. Biggest freakin' mistake of my life!!!
On Day 1 in their Bugis outlet- as I moved from the free weights and cardio section to the functional training section and was just about to start training, I was literally shoved and shooed off by their Training manager who needed the space to conduct a group class. 1. No Prior notice or message had gone out to members that some of the portion of the gym will be unavailable to them 2. The class was not being conducted inside the group training class/studio, mind you but bang in the middle where general members were using. So a few of us members who were using that area were simply asked to go elsewhere. 3. I am a Platinum member, not being allowed to use all the facilities of the gym I have paid for because their trainers who are obviously jobless are conducting bird brained group classes in middle of the gym. The way they came and spoke and shooed us off was not only rude but insulting, harassing and outright misconduct. On complaining to the Club GM, (someone who doesn't have a single fitness qualification against his name) tells me to take a walk and leave the gym if I wished but found no fault with his team, not even the necessity to apologise!
clap, clap for brilliant customer service. The fitness manager Xin Lee had no proper qualification, a whole list of meaningless certifications that shouldn't allow her to be on the gym floor. Her, non-provoked rude behavior was testimony that let alone being in fitness she wasn't fit to be in civilized society. A fitness trainer, let alone fitness manager, to my mind should look and play their part. At least mere mortals such as us should get inspired to get into fitness by them. Talking to them should encourage us to make fitness our religion. Instead, one look at her, and you'll feel pity enough to want to give her a bowl of proper food first and put her through school where she will learn how to talk and behave herself.
All the trainers get insecure if you have a great body and can exercise well. they will start staring at you suspiciously from every corner and you will almost feel threatened as if they will come at you any minute or try to injure you if they got a chance. I have exercised in multiple gyms across the world, private gyms, boutique chains, large chains, hotel gyms...and other than the equipment and interiors Fitness First has provided the worst possible experience of all