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Workign remotely while in Singapore

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Workign remotely while in Singapore

Post by Strong Eagle » Tue, 08 Feb 2011 2:40 pm

This question was posed to me in a PM, and I choose to answer it here.

I've been reading a number of posts on here about visas and regulations and you seem to have information on most of them. I figured I'd attempt to ask you for your thoughts directly, rather than start another thread.

My girlfriend and I are considering a move to Singapore. She would be on a P1 for 2 years. We have lived together for quite a while and her company has already said they would sign off on a LTSVP for me.
You will not be able to get a LTSVP. Those are reserved for spouses of citizens and PR's. If she is getting a P1 EP, then you will need to demonstrate a common law marriage (try the search function here to see what is needed), and then you can come in on a DP. If you cannot demonstrate common law marriage (or don't wish to do it) then the only pass you can get is a short term visit pass.
I currently work from home via the internet. I would like to keep doing this while looking for employment there. It seems that under the letter of the law, I can not do so with a LTSVP. Per your post, "Here is the way I see it. The restriction against working on a LTSVP applies to getting job in Singapore. On the other hand, another mod, SMS, has learned first hand that no company registration is required for a DP if all business is transacted outside of Singapore... that is, you provide your service outside of Singapore and you receive your money outside of Singapore." Is this still true? Have you heard of any complications? Do you know the consequences for myself, the P1 holder and/or the company who signed the LTSVP?
First of all, we can eliminate any issues of working under a LTSVP because you don't qualify for one. ( ... pageid=376).

As a DP, however, you can start your own business (a number of useful threads in the Careers forum). In general, any money earned in Singapore is taxable in Singapore. It is still true that all business transacted outside of Singapore (and paid outside of Singapore) is not taxable in Singapore. For example, I have rental property in the US, and all transactions are done completely within the US so no tax consequences here.

The reality is that the gahmen here would be hard pressed to track you down if you have an internet business and all transactions occur elsewhere. I am sure this is being done right now by citizens and non citizens alike. Just note that the expectation is that if you are not paying taxes in Singapore, you need to be paying them in the country in which you receive your income. Unless you are coming from someplace with stunningly low income tax, you will almost certainly want to pay your income tax in Singapore.
The only other option I can think of, if I want to continue with some of my current work, is to stay on social visit passes. We were there last year to visit and get our thoughts on living there and received 90 day passes with out asking. Assuming we travel on the weekends (2 or 3 day trips) every couple weeks, take the occasional week long trip in the area and return to our home country for multiple weeks every 3 months or so, do you have any sort of guess on how long I could stay? I understand that there will not be a definitive answer since it all depends on the immigration officer and probably luck.

Also, if I do the social visit pass for a few months, would that hurt my ability to receive an LTSVP down the road, if we decide to try for one?

So sorry for the long PM but trying to get a feel for our situation before making any decisions.

Thank you so much in advance and let me know if you require any further information.
Short term passes are fraught with peril. You might get them for a long time, and you might get an immigration officer that sees through the ruse and gives you five days to get out of the country. Overstaying a visit pass is highly not recommended. And, as noted above, you would need to fly under the radar, and pay your taxes in the country where income is received.

But, the real answer is: Prove common law marriage or get married, get you DP, and do your own business.

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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Tue, 08 Feb 2011 2:57 pm

At least our responses were virtually identical although I answered the PM. :lol:

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Re: Workign remotely while in Singapore

Post by adione » Wed, 09 Feb 2011 5:30 pm

Strong Eagle wrote:This question was posed to me in a PM, and I choose to answer it here.
You will not be able to get a LTSVP. Those are reserved for spouses of citizens and PR's. If she is getting a P1 EP, then you will need to demonstrate a common law marriage (try the search function here to see what is needed), and then you can come in on a DP.
AFAIK (unless they changed), DP is for married people -- common-law marriage isn't applicable.
It's possible to get a LTVP tied up to the EP, that's what I did for my GF when I landed here in SG in 2009.
LTVP isn't the LTSVP; doesn't allow to work and it's valid until the EP is valid; it can be re-issued in case situation changes (e.g. my GF got the LTVP, then got her own EP when hired by local company; she can re-apply for LTVP in case she gets unemployed).

Again, searching the forum will bring up lot of related threads.

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