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M1 and Singtel ... joy

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M1 and Singtel ... joy

Post by unclerexy » Thu, 03 Feb 2011 6:40 pm


I am a M1 and Singtel customer.

For my basket of internet connectivity options, you will see that I have a mobile plan with a internet surfing services, both should expire in contract in Nov or Dec 2011. I also have a laptop with a Singtel mobile dongle, but that one the contract has expired. Since there are new internet plans for ipad etc, I want to know if I can somehow or other upgrade my internet plan for my handphone, and change my handphone to a better device that will allow my laptop to surf internet with it. Yes I know I can teether internet to laptop from my Nokia smartphone, but I just want to know if I can do better. The stupid internet connection is still too dang slow when I link my handphone to my laptop via Nokia Ovi Suite. I am talking about speeds of at least 7.2 mbps, and what have you got. After all I am already paying $22 for my Singtel mobile broadband already, if I can get faster internet on my handphone AND my laptop by upgading my M1 plan, I just find that it makes logical sense to kill off my Singtel mobile bb subscription which is serving me well indeed but not helping my account sheet each month.

Hope to hear from you if any inputs. Thanks.

Happy new year..

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