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Postby newsman » Thu, 08 Dec 2011 6:59 pm

Strong Eagle wrote:
Shahir.SLP wrote:I bought a 2006 Toyota Vios 89000km mileage for $33 000. Good deal anot?

You really have to look at this from the perspective of "how much does it cost you per year" to own this car.

A 2006 car has about 5 years left on the COE. When you turn the car in, you will get a rebate on the registration tax. You need to see how much you get back when you turn in the car.

I think your deal is OK. You have a Toyota, a premium brand. My guess is when you take your buying price less PARF rebate and divide it by remaining COE years, you'll be paying $5500 to $5700 per year.

Agreed !!

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