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Just saying hi... singapore local 30 year old male

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Just saying hi... singapore local 30 year old male

Post by unclerexy » Sat, 29 Jan 2011 5:30 pm

This is the Nth time I am joining an online community, before this I was once a regular member of many small cliquish community forums .. those were the days when i was listening to pop music like homegrown stefanie sun and do as infinity, so i always visited their forums to get the latest information on their music and things.

then as things would have it, i started to work and the work-life balance swinged me totally away from entertainment and leisure forums, it is only when my project mate of 3 years, whom i see as a girlfriend but not mutually on the same page, told me she prefers her yesteryear boyfriend, then we went quits. during this period of 3 - 4 years i was counselled and also took on counselling courses, i was religious and also took on religious positions in various organisations, and at the end of the day what hit me hardest was this thing called no choice leh, as long as i live in this world, i cannot possibly be a holy person one.

Hence, I respect religions, esp since I studied a fair bit of every religion, but master of none, I also respect what the kids do, like you want to have your pre-marital sex? ok wear a condom, if you tell me, at most don't tell your parents, and promise you'll be responsible if she gets pregnant.

because let us face it, when a person needs to eat, he needs to eat. When he wants to have fun, you cannot say wait till you are 35 years old.

And the best part is, I myself lead dual-egos. Because over here I am here to chat up friends, get into some ideas on how singapolangs live, but then at home nobody knows that I am unemployed and lost my job. I am seeking part-time jobs ever since being retrenched in 2009 and taking on 2 short term contract IT positions in 2010.

What is the best way to earn money ... enough to pay off CPF education loan, insurance, family allowance, credit card bills (i tried to cancel but Citibank say wait till you pay up everything first, cannot clear instalment in 1 lump sum because will incur penalties), and finally, still got enough to cater for transport, food, lodging, medicine, and lastly savings... forget about investments. not possible.


thanks and apologies for the long intro..

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