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Salary for Senior Software Engineer

Posted: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 12:44 am
by tanhakris

I am from India and have almost 6 years of experience in JAVA/J2ee (Sr. Software Engineer) world and am currently employed with one of the most reputed Investment Bank. Have done few couple of technical certifications (those have good value here in India).

I am planning to hunt jobs in Singapore/Dubai. The choice of the location is dependent on below 3 criteria's:
1. PayScale
2. Job satisfaction.
3. Savings.

So, could someone please share his/her valuable thoughts on below queries?:
1.What range (or average) of salary can I draw in Singapore?
2.What does your experience/survey says about the job satisfaction, that, people have in this field in Singapore.
3.With minimum expenditure, with very less freak-outs (hardly once a month), no drinking habit, pure vegetarian, and happy to adjust in small and reasonable apartment, can save? Though, I am married, but not thinking of taking my wife with me for few couple of months.

To be honest I am very much satisfied with my job and the employer. Its just due to some personal problems I am forced to leave the country.

As said that, I will be really really grateful if someone could reply to my above queries and direct me how to go for it in Singapore?

Thanks & Regards
Gopal Krishan Sharma (my real name :) )