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Some Taxi Drivers taking the proverbial

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Some Taxi Drivers taking the proverbial

Post by BillyB » Sun, 09 Jan 2011 9:53 am

Anyone else experiencing taxi drivers taking the p*ss by pretending to not know where large central places are so they can drive round a few times, deliberately taking longer routes, adding city centre booking charges to out of town pick-ups, attempting to short change you from $50 dollar notes by counting fast (3 times this has happened to me now since December), getting stuck behind cars turning left at busy junctions for minutes and not moving out to pass them etc.

I know we are talking about a few dollars here and a very small minority of taxi drivers, but its slowly becoming more widespread and it is also the principle.

And when you challenge them they utter something derogatory in Chinese. (I speak basic mandarin so know sometimes what they've said) and when you reply they look very sheepish and turn nasty. One guy tried to grab my girlfriend when she told him where to go in Mandarin after he tried to short change us.

Ranting over, looking forward to a nice, Sunny Sunday of MRT stations and walking!!

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Post by aster » Sun, 09 Jan 2011 4:23 pm

I've noticed cabbies taking "detours" to add extra distance. Like going from the Swissotel in CQ to Vivo you just drive towards Outram and the road onwards to Vivo is straightforward and obvious. But our cabbie decided to take a right at the very first intersection, only to then circle back after his "detour" and rejoin the normal route at Outram.

I have never been shortchanged though, the only time this has happened to me was at Subway's and it was so obvious is wasn't even funny...

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