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Can I work in Singapore in my current state?

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Post by sand_ste » Wed, 12 Jan 2011 8:20 pm

ecureilx wrote:
sand_ste wrote: So when i enquired about WHP, he told me that if you are studying from australian university, u are eligible to apply for it, but it still subjects to approval.

but when i looked at MOM's website, it stated there:

"applicants must be resident and fulltime students of the university"

so does that mean i must be resident of australia? he did not tell me that initially.
As the name implies, it is targetted for those who are in their studies, and looking for some training opporturnity as part of their studies - not "POST STUDY" and you still need to find an employer, who can offer you are decent salary, decent enough for MOM to consider ... and for that matter, don't quote me - if you are with O Level, and you have an employer offering you 10,000 $ per month, in my experience, MOM will consider it than rejecting it - so you know where the show stopper is right ??

Well, my 2 cents, and upto you to listen: Instead of beating around the bush, look up for bigger / other employers

If you are fixated on getting into NETS, then NETS has to do the appeal, or increase your pay to 2,500 or above - the higher the better chance ..

Good luck
i have called NETS to go through with the appeal. wish me luck...

mostly how long will it take for the result to come out?

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Post by sandste » Wed, 06 Apr 2011 10:19 pm

Please post CV in the Jobs wanted section of the Classifieds of this site and not in the forum. ... hp/cat/119


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Post by ecureilx » Thu, 07 Apr 2011 10:08 am

This takes the cake ..
sandste wrote:...
Mini Data ?? :( :(
No kidding .. :(
Great ... :D

Welcome to Singapore, you will have a hundred employer chasing you .. just sit back and relax :D

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