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Post by neodimension » Tue, 04 Jan 2011 7:06 pm

@ecureilx I have never been to Singapore. I don't have awefully lot of contacts there either. Hence my presence here confabbing with you guys. In spite of not having been to Singapore, I do subscribe to a bunch magazines in the lists of which I haven't yet seen you guys popping up. Please don't feel offended, I would love to be corrected if I am wrong. I also understand that those lists don't mean a lot specially when its topped by a guy from Mexico. However they do talk miles when it comes to understanding economic and financial markers.

Like I said, edit the Wiki page if you think the statistics are wrong! I am sure you would have to provide literary sources before it gets cleared off. Good luck with that :)

I am not sure where you picked up the idea that I was implying or been made to believe that mini self-sustaining communities of countrymen should be created. I was talking about gated communities in India which are a townships of varying sizes which in their most glorious forms come with schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, well manicured lawns, clean environment etc. all of the things that one would want in a developed nation. All I meant was many a folks suggested me to look out for them instead, which are going to be in abundance in a couple of years. On the contrary I am against people congregating in small groups of their own people. We see that a lot in India itself with religious minorities.

My bad sir that asking a question in a want to know more, I end up being perceived as trolling the forum, but I do understand that Singapore is one of the best countries to live in, in the world. So obviously I "had" an interest in learning more about it. I am also an adherant Buddhist, may be another reason in my subconcious mind to have made me look east.

Anyhow, I would bid adieu to this forum and leave the "trolling" to the trolls. Take care!

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Post by ecureilx » Tue, 04 Jan 2011 7:40 pm

neodimension wrote:
Pretty odd that you get so offended for some honest direct-speak - am wondering if that is norm or is something struck the wrong chord somewhere ..

Either way - whether Singapore is the best country or not - it depends upon what you expect and what you don't expect - after all, as I said - you should visit Singapore and see what is the safety factor here, and how strict drugs and such offenses are treated, and whether it is a good place for you or not ...

And - dont forget - One man's meat is another mans' poison

Lastly, if you are swearing off this forum for some frank comments, it makes me more vary of your intentions and if you could accept direct opinion ..

BTW, I did also mention to you to seek out to IE Singapore, not just listen to hear-say .. IE Singapore would be best placed to advice and assist you .. if you are keen ..

BTW, Talking of visitors comments to Singapore - I was once outside a bar, and a group of South Asian visitors - with the SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD MAPS, and the Tour Agent Stickers stuck - nah - they were not Indian - were passing by, and suddenly one of the kids screamed to her father "Daddy - that man is smoking - we must call the police" and the father too kept staring at me and started to sort of cross the road, as if I am carry a serious plague or something .. and my colleague was miffed - until i explained to him that probably the whole family - had been fed information that Singapore hangs those who smoke on the street and similarly punishes anybody who doesn't walk like a police state etc .. etc .. and that it used to annoy me and only later I started to ignore such comments -

Have a great day mate - and Good luck with your million $ venture anyway .. regardless whether you intend to come to Singapore or took the frank voice of this forum as the representation of the country

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Post by Clever Eagle » Thu, 06 Jan 2011 10:20 am


The best answers to your original questions- to visit Singapore and see/experience what living and working here feels like.. No matter what others post/say/ send to you via email, its just their points of view.

Nothing else matters if you know what you want.

Good luck.

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