Treating a bad burn, the right way

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Re: Treating a bad burn, the right way

Post by JR8 » Wed, 29 Dec 2010 5:03 pm

Muslima70 wrote: Hi JR8, I am sorry to hear about your burn and I hope that you are healing well now...

Hi Muslima70, thanks... I'm doing good!

Just wanted to share that using Colgate/toothpaste/or whatever is not the necessarily the typical cure used by all SG families..I think it depends on which family you speak with...Maybe your friends or neighbours who are SG told you this so you assumed that most SG families did this?

No I expect it is not, but that is how my SGn wife referred to it, and I can't say I've heard of it being done anywhere else, hence my generalisation. Actually that's a thing, I think there is something of a tendency here for some SGns to expect every observation made by an expat to be forensically precise. It seems it can be the source of misunderstanding when the foreigners do not write in that way.

As for me, my family are true blue SG, & my dad taught me to use ice cubes and ice water, or anything very cold/frozen and continous application of the cold, just as you did.
My other local friends/colleagues also do this...

Well I am glad to hear that as I had some other SGns over that day and they also suggested rubbing on butter.... which is terrible advice!

so saying to Colgate=SGn cure not quite accurate...Not every SG person will use Colgate..

:roll: :wink:

Anyway why Colgate? I also confused....Why don't those other SGn choose say Aloe vera gel or something else? :?

I think the term Colgate was used, as a generic reference for toothpaste.

Anyways no wonder some expats think SGn are weird. You guys have some strange(and occassionally incorrect) ideas about us :wink:
Hmmm... well most of the impressions that I have have come directly from SGns. I wouldn't know where to start desscribing some of my SGn Mother in law's weirder beliefs! What to do lah? :wink:

p.s. X9200, you're spot on. That was what my sister said, you have to arrest the burning ASAP or the damage will continue to occur. That's really the only reason I posted this, the SGns here were suggesting butter or toothpaste, I just wanted to clarify the issue for the benefit of anyone unlucky enough to burn themselves in future...

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Post by k1w1 » Fri, 31 Dec 2010 4:29 am

I've been thinking about this thread a bit after I read it. All over the news in the past couple of days here in NZ, has been the story of a wee boy (aged 8) who was burned literally head to toe when he jumped/slipped into a hot pool. Sounds like he was completely submerged in the water, and it was about 100 deg celcius (220F).

I really hope SMS was wrong with that horrendous description... :( God, how awful.

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