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Deep sound Music Therapy

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Deep sound Music Therapy

Post by chewwl88 » Tue, 28 Dec 2010 1:59 pm

Deep sound Music Therapy for children who Inattention, hyperactivity, autism, sleep disorders and other symptoms of vestibular.

Using this theapy is safe. Need not take any pills or injection. Just listen High frequency music.

Deep sound therapy, a treatment of children with autism music therapy. Is the use of modern technology combined with music therapy, through the "Deep Sound"on the ear vestibular massage the muscles and nerves, balance binaural hearing, feedback to the brain decreased, heal anxiety, and gradually ease the weariness and test anxiety. And to enable the brain to guide the more α EEG, improve memory and thinking ability.

Person's ears with the nervous system are closely linked. Ear vestibular part of the inner ear can be passed within the neurons, to promote the secretion of pituitary endorphins, the control conditions of the nervous system response and balance; external control by the change in head position, maintaining balance, coordination, and muscle tension. It is because of the ear vestibule and the coordinating role of the nervous system, we can express our physical space to make a variety of actions, to say to express the language, maintain a positive mood. Is also a good ear vestibular sensory information conveyed to all the important physical relay station, ear vestibular imbalance will affect the human nervous system and other organs of the play.

In 1958, the famous French musicologist Alfred • Thomas Tis of a specific frequency wave ("high tone "), and confirmed that the species of the human cochlear traveling wave has a resonance and therapeutic effect, And the psychological comfort and treatment has a magical effect, this is the first of the "Deep Sound"to the system.

Alfred Thomas Atlantis said: acoustic reached the ear, causing the entire basement membrane vibration, vibration from the bottom to the top of the cochlea move. The amplitude of the various parts of the basement membrane is not the same, the higher the frequency, the closer the cochlear part of the maximum amplitude at the end. The lower the frequency the closer the maximum amplitude of the cochlear top. Determine the location of maximum amplitude of the pitch. As the human ear can not be exactly the same, so there are differences in both ears hear. To reduce this variation, only with this particular wave frequency, physical therapy and exercise on the ears, so that the ear can take the initiative of the "make up"differences.

There will be an

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