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Post by ksl » Mon, 20 Dec 2010 10:46 pm

One of my latest pastimes has been reading my local newspaper obituaries in the UK, since march to December 15 people that I know have past away. You may all think I'm being a little morbid, though I don't feel that way at all.

I was actually looking at the ages of these 15, only one of them a woman made it to 72, the next was 66 and 63, 62, 60 and so on, the youngest was 47...

This made me think that middle age comes much early than we expect, though the USA census lists middle age between 35 and 44. This should actually be a wake up call for all those under the age of 40 at least.

My own thoughts based on those I know have passed away in the last 2 years brings down middle age to around 30 years old. :shock: :shock:

What I'm really looking for here is a response on middle age and if you people have ever considered yourself middle aged at 40, I took it for granted that middle age was between 45 and 50 though now I'm pretty well convinced its more to the 30 year mark.

If one catches the dreaded reaper sucking your soul away in time, you have a fair chance of increasing your lifespan with medical aid.

It looks like cancer and heart attacks have taken all the ones I have known....which can be both silent killers, so If you are wishing to prolong your life and you are over 35, I would suggest having a very specific MRI scan, which is the only diagnostic tool reliable enough, to pick up any blockages....
Avoid taking an ECG has recommended by doctors and specialists, has the ECG has far too many variables involved to be reliable. I am talking from experience.... So save your money and go straight for an MRI scan, this will at least show a tangible build up of fats.

Which the ECG cannot and did not, in my case, and I have always had perfect cholesterol levels, the problem for me was hereditary heart disease in the main coronary...

I had very mild indications of something wrong as I was challenging mountain running, but still specialists failed in Singapore to find anything wrong.

I also had a routine background in first aid and a sound knowledge of the human body, so when the heart attack was happening I could direct those with me in what to do there was no pain at all when i had heart attack, all that happened was dizziness and pins and needles in the arm .

To ring for the ambulance is the worst thing to do, time is the essence of life, so you need to get to emergency asap..

You would probably be dead before the ambulance does a return trip.

Eventually I did the angiogram, and when I think back about my symptoms of a butterfly feeling in my heart, the first time I was between 32 and 35, it happened after i completed a 10km run on flat ground, though i was running as fast as i possibly could challenging my own speed record, though it never did occur to me, that heart disease was already manifesting itself in my 30's and the heart attack happened at 58, and no one could ever pick up the problem, even in Denmark with ECG which i have had 3 times in Denmark and 3 times in Singapore.

I am now almost convinced middle age is really 30 years old for the most of us, those that live on to be 70's and above are already on medication, think about the silent killers carefully and you will catch them in time in your 30's to 40's So the MRI machine is a very good investment from the start. :)

Since my night out will the guys, I've put 5kg back on since the 3rd December, so now its back to running :roll: next Monday :lol: Until then I'm going to have a few Barons :)

And to think they are putting up the pension age :evil: probably due to bad investments, not because they have had it to pay out!

Several hrs later I conclude that all statistics serve a purpose, much bigger than any Madoff ponzi scam. All you have to do is sit down and look more closely at the obituaries, without medications a natural death is more likely to occur at a younger age than is specified for this millennium :P maybe by 15 years depending on a Countries population size. though over 60 million in my Country other factors may account for early death, in my case Lancaster UK is 8km from a nuclear power station at Heysham. Interesting :)

I guess this is a taboo subject :???:

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