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Married SPass holder with PR application Rejected

Relocating, travelling or planning to make Singapore home? Discuss the criterias, passes or visa that is required.
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Post by rotiprata » Fri, 31 Dec 2010 8:09 am

am sorry to hear that. but i'm curious how did it happen. couldn't the mum apply for LTSVP? poor kid.
sundaymorningstaple wrote:It could also mean a scenario like my nephew is in. Married to a Filippa with a 3 year old Singaporean girl but the mother is stuck in the 'peens and I'm stuck with raising the kid! Tread carefully as it's a minefield if you make a misstep with MOM or ICA.

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Post by rotiprata » Fri, 31 Dec 2010 8:12 am

yes, good point you brought up ksl. that's my concern too but a concern i cannot do anything about. (by the way my husband did sponsor me)

i will keep applying for PR. Since i just got rejected, I think i have to wait 2 years to re-apply.

thanks ksl.
ksl wrote:
ICA's stand is that as long as 1 parent is Singapore citizen, the child will be a Singaporean.
Then go ahead and have children, that is your main worry at this time as the child can remain as a Citizen, though be prepared to apply for your LTVSP if you give up your job through pregnancy.

Your next worry will come when you lose your employment, and apply for LTVSP, as SMS mentions above, that marriage doesn't give free entry to the Country, it is the same in most Countries, and procedures and policies must be followed.

Though your biggest worry for your decision to have children is over, Good luck for the future. PR can be a long drawn out procedure like SMS says, though has long as you remain married you should be fine on LTVSP if you lose your job. Though keep applying for PR until you get it.

The catch 22 is the fact you had permission to marry from MOM, though you have never been, on the LTVSP pass, only on S pass.....

In ICA eyes you has not been legally sponsored into the Country by your husband as his wife, as you are on S pass.

Until your husband applies for the permission to sponsor your residence in Singapore, you are left hanging in no mans land.

It could all backfire like SMS is trying to explain. as you are not allowed dependants under $2500 a month, so even though the child would remain here, there is a chance you would be returned to your Country without your child. Please ensure you are safe before doing anything.

As ICA will only tell you that the child is a Singapore citizen, you are not after you give birth, submit a new application for LTVSP and wait approval.

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