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EP Rejected !!

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EP Rejected !!

Post by Prasanna.IFM » Fri, 03 Dec 2010 1:25 am

Dear Expats,

Its a good forum and acess to all the information available about Singapore makes it much user friendly.

I am relatively new to Singapore. I have 6 plus years of Work experiences in Integrated Facility Management Services across Asia Pacific Region. I have worked from india to Australia and Dubai. I have got my EPEC approved because of my Masters Research in Queensland Uni of Technology, Australia.

I had found one employer who was willing to get me an EP based on the projects he had hoped to pull in with my skillsets. His was an relatively new company under 100,000 $ paid up capital with 7 months of running from Inception.

He has applied for an EP for me. The salary was around 2600 $ / pm. He did not check the tick box which specifies "had this application not to be suitable for EP , will consider a S pass ".

Also he had wrongly checked the tick box which says have you submitted all the documents to MOM?. We havents and since I was also new I didnt know if he had done it right ?. A week later my EP was turned down. I asked him to appeal, but sadly his contracts went sour and he said sorry I cant help you as my expected projects have failed.

Now I had been hunting jobs for last 2 months. I have doubt that, if another company applies EP for me, will the previosu entry be a point of reasoning for rejection or if it does happen that way, can the representing company officials make up for meeting with the MOM Officers to sort it out ?

Last but not the least.. if I can also have a clarifications pertaining to my job search here. The information is below :-

I have been attending interviews for last 2 months but its always these questions which comes as standard replies.

1. Local /Singaporean / Malaysian or PR is wanted
2. The demand for my jobs are very well in the market and the pay is also good. I offer myself in a lesser salary bracket to gain a footing into the job market.
3. I have an expectaiton of 2500 $ plus and or Negotiable, but looking only at getting an EP Pass and not S or Workpermit passes.

Clarifications :-

1. Is my expected salary too high ?
2. Is only locals able to enter the Facility Management industry in Singapore ?
3. I am also well versed in HR and Project management ? How far will the job market accept me as a candidate by breaking the thumb rule of Nationality ?...

Kindly help me or point me in the right direction. Your help in answering or referencing or redirecting me to the right source is much appreciated with a thanks ..
Thanks & Regards
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Post by k1w1 » Mon, 06 Dec 2010 12:53 pm

Are you asking for more money than companies are willing to offer?

They probably don't want to have the hassle of applying for an EP or S-Pass for you (and it is a hassle, plus it costs money) when they can get a local to do it without any issue.

You need to submit all your certificates and qualifications when you apply for an EP, and if your school/university is not on the approved list, then this will not be accepted.

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Post by Strong Eagle » Mon, 06 Dec 2010 1:56 pm

I'd guess you got tossed for two reasons... S Pass not checked, and no documents on file, even though you said they were.

At $2600, you are competing directly with the locals, and your salary level suggests that you don't have any unique skills to offer that would create a higher level of pay.

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