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Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy

Post by louy » Sat, 27 Nov 2010 10:14 pm

Ok, I appreciate that does who successfully manage to get out of Singapore may no longer be posting on this forum - and that this post may be on the wrong message board for which I appologise in advance.

On leaving Singapore, does anyone have any advice on:

1. How to settle my taxation which is currently paid monthly in arrears.
2. How to close my bank account as I am likely required to keep it open for a few months after I have gone to pay outstanding bills and last pay cheque etc.
3. I still have over a year on my mobile phone - can this be paid off in one lump sum ?
4. Where is the best place to get rid of unwanted books, exercise equipment ie bike and trampoline, billions of plates and cups,

Anyone have any ideas and also any other comments which you think I should consider ??

I am not actually leaving Singapore, yet. But just planning and exploring the option to do so and wondering what I need to prepare

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Post by carteki » Mon, 29 Nov 2010 11:43 am

Your questions
1 - Tax - your employer will withhold your last months salary until all outstanding tax balances with the IRAS have been cleared. Nothing stopping you from contacting them and making arrangements to pay up though

2- Bank account - phone them and ask what the procedure is. Usually involves filling a form with where they need to remit the balance

3 - Mobile - conflicting data on this one. Ask your telco. The cancellation fee is usually more expensive than the remainder of the monthly payments, so connect to your foreign credit card and continue paying until the end of the contract. One post on this board mentioned that you can pay the remainder of the monthly payments less 5%

4 - Use the search function on the forum. Numerous charities etc exist who may be interested.

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