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Getting out of a rental lease which involves two tenants

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Getting out of a rental lease which involves two tenants

Post by chen0175 » Mon, 22 Nov 2010 2:30 am

Dear All pls help me..

I am currently sharing a rental HDB flat with a friend. I have just bought a house and I am planning to move in next month. So i tried to find someone to replace me for my rental lease which only ends Sept 2011. However, the searching is not going well and I am not sure what is the complication this will lead to. I understood that I have $700+100 deposit with my landlord that is shared by me and my current house mate. I could not find the contract that was signed initially (it has been 5 years since I signed) and therefore I do not know what are the clauses that I can look at.

However, I consider my landlord a "bo chap", easy going type, and i suspect she did not follow the proper procedure for most of the things:

1. I have done the change in tenant before as my previous house mate wanted to move out 4 years ago and we searched for a replacement (my current house mate) to continue with the lease. The owner only took the photocopy of my current house mate IC and said she will do the paper work for switching of tenant. Is that really the proper way to do it?

2. After the initial 1 year of lease was up, we asked for a renewal of lease of 2 years. Without any signed paper, the landlord claimed to have settled everything.

3. This year, the owner requested a rise in rental and we agreed. However, there is again no proper documentation on all the agreement.

Question 1: What will happen to me if I cannot find a replacement for my lease and I want to get out of it?

Question 2: As my house mate shares the lease with me and if the owner felt that the termination of lease is on our side, will i get into legal issues with my house mate as he may get kicked out too?

Question 3: When I log into HDB system, it states that I am currently NOT renting any properties. Does it mean that my landlord is renting it out to us 'improperly' and I can actually get out of my lease without losing anythg? (and get back my deposit too!)

Thanks in advance for all the helps.

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Post by Casey07 » Wed, 24 Nov 2010 12:44 pm

sorry to hear about your situation.

i will always advise everyone going into rental to have a proper documentation, that is when a property agent comes in. yes, it will cost u but at least we won't have this problem.

i suggest that your housemate get another place. A room rental perhaps, on his own?

U can terminate the contract, be prepared to lose the deposit though.
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