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Help needed: moving from Europe ?

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Help needed: moving from Europe ?

Post by cedros » Fri, 19 Nov 2010 4:16 pm

Hi Eveyone,

We are 2 closed friends and we got the idea to move to Singapore after a great trip in Asia.
Reasons: Weather (++++) and economic dynamism.
We're from Europe and we work actually in Luxembourg and take home around 2700€ each after tax.

Network Engineer (master degree, 5 year experience in designing/managing/debugging large scale networks in the bank/insurance/utilities industries), want to pass CCIE before leaving.

SAP functionnal analyst (master degree, 4 years experience in utilities industry).

About cost of living, we actually share a rent and want to do the same in Sing in an Apartment/condo with pool/gym.
We'll don't need a maid or a car (we can use car sharing when we really need one) but we love to go out (Bars or Nightclubs) and to travel.

Our companies don't have an office in Singapore, thus expat package is excluded.

Do you think we could find a sponsorship for an EP with our fields/experience once there ?
What could we expect about salary ? I know tax is way lower in Sing and know salary before tax will be lower than in Luxembourg but I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck.

If we don't move to Singapore, we'll move to Canada as we just got our PR there easily (French is our first langage), thus any comparison with Canada would also be welcome.

I just spent around 3 days browsing this forum but still don't know the right decision :)

Thanks a lot for you answers


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Post by lavendar » Sun, 10 Apr 2011 10:17 am

It is not difficult to get a sap functional consultant job here. But it really depends on skill level and which modules? Sap FICO, HR, Basis, BW are popular. Some requires a mix like MMSD or MMPP or MMWM. Other modules really depends, like PM.

On the whole, consultancy firms are quite stressful but challenging. End user companies, it really depends which one.

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Post by Strong Eagle » Sun, 10 Apr 2011 11:08 am

I am unclear on something. You say "Our companies don't have an office in Singapore, thus expat package is excluded". Are you saying that you want to continue to work for your company but from Singapore?

Or are you planning new careers? If the former, your company would set up a subsidiary in Singapore and employ you. If the latter you would need to get an Entrepass or have a tech company (like mine) hire you and obtain the needed EP in exchange for some of your earnings.

I can't comment too much about SAP. One problem with doing large scale network design in AP is that MNC's are typically headquartered in the US or EU/UK, and thus the central teams are also found there. That said, there are opportunities for senior people, often in contract positions.

Average salaries for 'average' people are in the $6K to $8K per month but really good people can earn twice that or more... just depends upon what you fall into.

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