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EP, how long it takes?

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EP, how long it takes?

Post by liruca » Sun, 31 Oct 2010 4:54 pm

I have a job offer in SG. I'm waiting for the EP application to start before resigning my job here in EU.

can somebody give me an estimation how long it takes MOM to issue an EP. Specially from application to medical check-up

I know after application MOM should forward me to medical check-up and here comes my second request. I have to fill up those formulars here in EU in a non english speaking country. My doctor agreed "to help" me but I should give her a translation of those forms. does exist any sample of those formulars in the www that i could download and see whether I can translate them my self or I need an official translator?

I even thought to fly to SG, just to easy the EP application, but HR said that's not necessary. Anyone that wants to share experience will be appreciated, especially people coming from Germany

thanks in advance

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