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Post by Spiky » Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:00 pm

Hi there, Below are 2 questions that i like to share and hopefully try to answer.

1) hi just to check around with people who went to the 25th sep interview. Was there really no spot light for skin check round? Is it just for guys or for both guys and girls?.

2) hey just want to know if we can just choose short flight for SIA or its pre plan by senior?

As for qns 1, what exactly is your concern? Are you worried about the fact that if there is spot light, you might stand a lesser chance to go through? Though it's a harsh fact, do take heart that the idea of Screening is to ensure that people who are selected, meet the grooming requirements. Thus for example, a person who has severe acne or many pimples naturally don't meet the requirements. But how much is too much? Then it is up to the people in charge to judge for themselves if the interviewee has a good complexion or not:( In addition i like to share a fact, that SIA do ground Crews who have pimple outbreak or 'developed' facial problems when they started flying, for weeks or maybe a month.

As for qns 2, if you would prefer short flights, then maybe you can try Silkair (if you are a lady) or Jetstar Asia (if you are a guy). SIA has a system that plans roster for its crew. However We can change flights for a certain number of times a year. (as long as certain requirements are met)

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