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Post by ksl » Fri, 05 Nov 2010 3:31 pm

nakatago wrote:
cooldude wrote: 2. Free promo samples

Let me give it a try!
Be careful with this. Sillyporeans -- no, asians -- are known to be smoochers. Have you been to carrefour?!?!?
You are right there! Sushi is price sensitive :lol: So if you can churn it out with the aid of a cement mixer at half price in the hawker centre, your on a winner, its labour intensive, I guess so much love goes into the preparation and so it should to taste exceptional, people don't mind paying the extra$ for quality food.
Its when we pay little for little that we question why we do it, i can only think of survival in the hawker centre, though occasionally one can find an excellent recipe, normally handed down from generations.

In fact I have 8 different dishes available to me,western style food not available in Singapore. though i don't have the time to get involved, I tried them at home and the light bulb lit up! 3.50 to 4$ for a 300gm western meal must be an opportunity :lol: Though against Fast food who can beat 30 second very hot food servings?

None of the fast food chains in Singapore that's for sure and no trans fat :)

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Post by cooldude » Mon, 08 Nov 2010 5:27 am

Hey, free samples are too small to fill up. I think free samples are great way to bring a new product into the market. I was at this Sheng Shong place the other day and this lady gave me a 1/4 inch bit of this great saussage. I liked the taste and I did buy it too.

But the saussage is a bit high priced, so I dont buy it on a regular basis. But I think I would, if it was more aggressively priced.

I guess people will buy the product if it is priced right. So, trial marketing should determine the likeability of the product and the price.

I think most markets are really sensitive to pricing.

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