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"Just Kids"(Marine Parade) or Kinderland (Parkway) ?

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"Just Kids"(Marine Parade) or Kinderland (Parkway)

Postby johnkids » Wed, 20 Oct 2010 2:59 pm

My child is going to be 3 next year, and i do not have any friends to ask about these school.

Any parents that have kids in any of those - care to comment?
this should be a open discussion, not restricted to

1) curriculum - in terms of enriching kids
2) Schools professionalism -in terms of management
3) teachers' turnover / knowledge and attitude
4) any music instruments?
5) how well does your child do after attending (phonics, speaking, mandarin?)
6) Like i said, its open for other to feedback

that will be great, if you can share so as to benefit all of us.

shall hear from you, thanks!

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Postby mangla » Thu, 28 Apr 2011 7:22 pm


I know how you feel. I got here in December and called so many schools but were told they don't have any space for my 3 year old daughter and I didn't have anyone to ask which schools were good and which weren't. I had to go with gut feeling.

I found a brand new place - Montessori for Little Giants on Joo Chiat Road. It's on top of a shop, which means there's no outdoor play area, but inside it's clean, inviting and fantastic range of Montessori materials.

The teachers are fantastic, a very small and friendly place for a young child, looking to adjust to Singapore.

My daughter is really happy there, she's learning Mandarin, sandpaper letters and enjoying art, story times and eating her lunch with all her friends.

To me, a happy environment where each child is valued and not put down or shouted at is of upmost importance. I've heard horror stories about schools in Singapore, where a cane is kept in classrooms to scare the kids and teachers don't speak but constantly shout!

I find the local accent quite difficult to understand, so a school which has teachers who speak well is important to me as well.

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