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Decent prepaid sim card

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Decent prepaid sim card

Post by Splatted » Sun, 17 Oct 2010 1:42 am

Ok, I know this horse has already been flogged to death before... but mobile phone companies always come out with new products.. so I thought I'd bring it up again.......

At present I'm recharging my M1 sim card with $30...... which puts $100 of short-expiry local call credit, and $30 of short-expiry international credit. (plus $5 of longer dated 'normal' credit)

The lousy expiry dates are the killer, as I never had to recharge so frequently when I was in Australia, and yet this particular recharge voucher seems to be the 'best value' .

Here's my wishlist:

a) inexpensive local call rates & SMS
b) 6 month expiry on credit, so that I don't have to keep recharging on an almost monthly basis.
c) If I'm stuck with massive amounts of accumulating credit - an additional avenue of spending credit such as using credit to purchase mobile phone games, mp3's or other ways of converting credit into good's and services.
d) inexpensive call rates to Australia
e) ability to use prepaid credit for data & not overpriced

Has anyone heard of anything that comes close to this?

Thanks in advance

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Post by aster » Sun, 31 Oct 2010 4:30 pm

FWIW I just use a plain SH prepaid sim, no frills but it serves its purpose just fine.

a) local calls are inexpensive and you are charged by the second (I don't think other prepaid sims do this)
b) I believe you get a 6 mth extension with every top-up
c) not sure about this, you'd have to check their site
d) you can call landlines in Australia and a number of other countries at... local Singaporean rates. Funny thing is that on a monthly contract they charge you like $5 for this feature, whereas on prepaid... it comes free
e) it depends on how much data you need. Generally its very expensive on prepaid, but they have these Starz cards that give you 120 mins, 500 sms, 50MB of transfer and free incoming calls for a month. But then you can probably get a monthly package at this price...

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