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views on acquiring Singapore citizenship for children

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views on acquiring Singapore citizenship for children

Post by amnesia » Sat, 06 Nov 2004 1:24 am

Not quite the right forum category but this seems to be the right place to ask. I've just married a foreigner and am living overseas at present. Neither of us will be making any changes to our own citizenship, but what I'm curious about is what I should do when I have children. As far as I can see, if it's a girl, it should be alright to apply for Singapore citizenship as well and have dual citizenship, and then she can decide what she wants when she comes of age.

However I believe things become more complicated if it's a boy, with the having to serve NS and all. I'm afraid that if I do apply for citizenship at birth, if he decides to revoke the Singapore citizenship, that will forever put him out of the picture if he does decide later in life he wants to take on Singapore citizenship again. However, if I do nothing now, I think he can still acquire citizenship at a later date by virtue of descent, or maybe apply for PR if he decides he does want to live in Singapore in the future. I hope I'm making sense here.

What are your views on this matter? IOW, should I apply for citizenship at birth if it's a boy/girl, or hold my horses?
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Post by jpatokal » Sat, 06 Nov 2004 6:12 pm

Get PR for your kids (should be pretty much automatic) and let them make their own choice. Beware, however, that 1st-generation PRs are also liable for national service unless they leave the country before the age of 16.5 years.

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