Where to live between SAS and downtown?

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Where to live between SAS and downtown?

Post by TravelingCircusof5 » Sat, 09 Oct 2010 4:33 pm

HI, We are China expats moving to Singapore in either January or June. I have three sons 12,10 and 3 and the olders will go to SAS. I am not sure that a high rise apartment will fit us very well. (Maybe I am wrong?) However, I would like to be close to some nice places to go to dinner and some shops, etc but would also like a little space for the kids to play. I would also like to be near other families so we can have kids over to play, etc without too much driving/ scheduling. Our housing budget will be approx. 10K/month. We will have at least one car. People have mentioned Bukit Timah area or 'near nature reserve' but I in order to check things out on internet, I need specific names of places. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jennifer

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Post by kalihikai » Sun, 10 Oct 2010 10:30 pm

Check with the bus office at SAS for large pick-ups. We arrived in August from the US. When I went to the SAS bus office in early June (before school was out for summer), I was given a list of bus stops and the bus office ticked which pick-ups had multiple bus-loads of SAS kids.
I would check-out: Four Seasons (they have 3 buses of SAS kids which means more than 100 kids). Four Seasons is Orchard Area. There are a few other buildings adjacent to the Four Seasons (names escape me as we are new here). Also, Arcadia condos (Bt. Timah Rd area) has 3 SAS buses so many SAS kids.
Good luck!

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