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Webmaster Applying for EP? Am I Being Conned?

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Webmaster Applying for EP? Am I Being Conned?

Post by 4hour » Wed, 15 Sep 2010 10:34 pm

I am a webmaster who own several sites and sell leads to several websites such as, zynga etc.

At the moment I do everything under my name, I dont have a company. I don't report my income on my tax report as well as it's considered as income generated outside my country. So in this case, the only proof of my past income I could produce are:

1. online payment invoice
2. testimonial/references letters by my clients

To get more credibility I just incorporated a company in SG last month (using local director), I didn't plan to move SG back then, but due to certain recent circumstances and I am considering an option to move abroad.

The problem is, I am not sure what kind of pass I should apply for.

Entrepass is out of question, I dont have 50k and I dont need 50k to run my company.

Applying Employment pass for myself? Why would they allow me to do that? my company is new and has no employee aside from 2 directors. my company has no office but just registered address ( i dont need it as all of my clients are from USA and I dont accept clients from other countries) and it makes no difference to SG Gahmen whether I am working from SG or anywhere.

I spoke with an agent today (wont name it here) and they suggest the Employment Pass route, and said there's no problem. but they charged a rather high fee, which made me think whether I am being conned here?

Do you think I stand a chance on getting the Emp Pass?

I've read this forum and know that approval is on case-by-case basis but I don't want to waste my time & money applying something which I have absolutely no chance of.

Thanks !

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Post by Mad Scientist » Thu, 16 Sep 2010 4:38 am

Employment Pass means to be employed by someone. If you want to go this route apply AIP before coming over. Then look for job. This way would be employers knows your education and credentials has been vetted by MOM. The second part is convincing MOM by the employer to employ you. This will be a mammoth task but if you do not try you never know.

Entrepass is you setup your business here since you do not have the juice, place it in back burner
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