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some opinions pls

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some opinions pls

Post by merylnn1211 » Thu, 09 Sep 2010 11:08 pm ... 602&v=wall

should i take over this biz at 50k?

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Re: some opinions pls

Post by ksl » Fri, 10 Sep 2010 12:59 am

merylnn1211 wrote: ... 602&v=wall

should i take over this biz at 50k?
The answer is no, its not worth S---T and those pics are not on that site either, so no business to buy but a webpage and domain that is connected to

In fact its owned by people that harvest domain names, kept for years for investment. Now its on blog spot, with 480,000 links in, but not to that domain, the links in are to That site is worthless and you cannot register the domain either until they have transferred the name to you, when they do that, you will not have the 480,000 links, because they are links not that webpage. you will have nothing but a website, you can register for a couple of $ Its a clever scam that has been linked to facebook images and names.

You also posted the wrong link, its got no back history that can be found so it has been parked up since 2000 doing nothing but hibernating and waiting for some idiot to buy it. I never checked the blog but i think it was posted this August. Didn't waste my time doing any other checks

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