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Post by manutdfan » Thu, 02 Sep 2010 4:32 pm

dbb01 wrote:manutdfan, tks for your insight. It is nice to hear from someone who has done something similar although we are not exactly in the same situation.

MS, many thanks for all your help and checking things out for me. Its a lot of food for thought. Tks!
If it helps... I know the UK doesn't give automatic citizenship on the basis of being born there, but I think if you have indefinite leave to remain your son will be entitled to British citizenship if he is born in the UK (and hence wouldn't automatically be a SGer and would be need to be registered as one?)

Of course, if you are already British then that's automatic if you have the boy in the UK. Once he's British, he's not Singaporean (in the legal sense of the term) unless you register him as such.


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