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Post by allmintpower » Wed, 04 Aug 2010 4:40 pm

Mad Scientist wrote:
allmintpower wrote: I need to clarify I'm only bashing on this particular Ang Moh director with a zero EQ who I have come across and experienced his bad look down on people attitudes...There will be a black sheep anywhere spoiling the whole market...
My friend, just a piece of advise, you posted to this forum in singaporeexpat. Most of us are either "Ang Moh" or Half "Ang Moh" or Third Part "Ang Moh" or diluted one like me.Some are not even one but are Asian.
Many of us run business in SG too. Not all of us are crooks.
So.....if you wish to get advise please do not categorize the party involved by race or color or even religion.It will spark a fire or a storm where the implication is far worse.
The company director maybe at fault. It is up to you to proof otherwise. Take all the necessary advise here and do it if you are so p**s off with the company director. Good Luck
thanks for the advices, think i better stop explaining any further that I'm only talking about the person that I have come across and not bashing others...apologises if I have offended anyone here due to the miscommunication...

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