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How do you talk to your boss to get what you want?

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How do you talk to your boss to get what you want?

Post by shimmeringlilies » Sun, 01 Aug 2010 11:51 pm

I'm just a recent grad and have been working in this firm for a couple of months and currently I am facing a dilemma in terms on talking to my counselor who is also sort of like my boss into getting something I want.

To put it simple, I was being hired to do a specific industry audit which is very close up and minimal exposure. What I want to achieve is to gain more exposure in other industry so it could be put as I am looking for a transfer in within the organization as I feel stagnant in my current position and I'm not learning anything new since they are outsourcing the tasks out for lower costing reasons(unofficially). However, I'm afraid that I would be in the back books of my boss as she hired me back then due to short-handed reasons.

How or what should I say or convince my counselor/boss to make her think in my best interest and make her agree to help me on this issue?? Any takers?

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Post by Mad Scientist » Mon, 02 Aug 2010 4:52 am

Put a gun on her head will do the trick :shooting: :P

Seriously, if you are new to the organisation, it takes more than that to ask for a transfer. Give yourself time. I know, young guns are all eager to go and conquer the world. Learn the ropes, make them feel you are so valuable that they will fall flat on the ground and die if you are not with them.
Woman boss tend to be more controlling and petty. This is based on my observation and experience. I am not against any woman so please do not jump on me. Make her feel you are part of her team. It might backfired if you are ask now.
Anyway if you feel you have got nothing to lose and the exit door is always open, yeah go for it. Nothing venture, nothing gain
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