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Are buses buggy-friendly? Or do we need a car?

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Post by snowqueen » Wed, 28 Jul 2010 11:15 am

You could still bring your big buggy as that would be nicer for the East Coast walks but just have a smaller buggy like a Maclaren for shopping and trips on public transport.

I've been using the buses, taxis and MRTs for the last 2 years, first while pregnant and now with a 17 month old. Most of the comments on here are true but it's tolerable and if your expectations of people start off low to begin with, you won't be disappointed to be expecting things to be different.

I live on the East Coast and if I'm going to somewhere like Marine Parade, I would get a taxi and sit child on my lap. If going to nearest MRT station, would pay $4 to get a cab to the station then MRT around town for the rest of the day. There is a shuttle bus from my condo to the MRT station but as my child has only just started walking, this wasn't a good option for me.

I have done buses but that for me was the biggest nightmare because you can really only wheel your stroller on the newer buses which have disabled access at the back (where people get off). It's nice and wide and lowers to the kerb, however the driver often leaves a 6 foot gap between the bus and kerb so you end up having to carry the stroller on anyway. The older buses are just not worth it unless your baby is able to walk and you collapse the stroller but I've often had the driver wave his finger at me tell me to get the next bus.

We do have a car now but it's taken 2 years to be able to put the money together for the deposits etc. Public transport is not impossible but you need to have a relaxed frame of mind and not be stress head like me :)

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Post by x9200 » Wed, 28 Jul 2010 7:53 pm

Barnsley wrote:I am still puzzled by the aversion that some folk here have to sitting in the window seat especially if they are going to the Interchange where everyone has to get off the bus anyway!!!
Entering or leaving the bus, lift, anyplace squeezing in front and before any others, jumping queue if possible... is it now a part of some logical sequence? :)

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Post by twingle » Mon, 13 Sep 2010 4:19 pm

I manage to get around on the bus and MRT with a baby carrier and a buggy. I have a Maclaren techno xlr and consider myself to be quite strong but I would not recommend having anything heavier than this as it is a real pain and I still find it hard. I have taken to politely asking someone to help me if possible. If not I just struggle and the bus driver has to wait for me! As for people pretending to be asleep in the priority seats, I found this really frustrating so have now taken to tapping them on the shoulder and politey asking for their seat :D, I have not had anyone refuse yet.......

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