Multi channel AV unit

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Multi channel AV unit

Post by ksl » Tue, 06 Jul 2010 1:33 am

I thought I was getting a bargain when I decided to buy a display unit on sale at 899 from 1999. A mega business, anyway they told me they would send a years warranty and i made them sign on the receipt that it would be forwarded on. It was the Pioneer VSX LX50 no manual, so i had to download it.

Anyway I just couldn't get the speakers to work at all, the remote setup was on screen, but i couldn't select with the remote. I tried setting to the factory default, also could not. I discovered no microphone and no antenna's either, a little more research, showed the unit was over 3 year old.
I don't know much about the machine, just that i know I could use one.
It appeared the microphone was essential in the setup, to move on, without it I couldn't do jack!

I took it back to the shop anyway, and they tried always to convince me they would have it fixed. But I was too cheesed off after 6 hrs of messing, that I said I wanted my money back... Not possible was the answer, so I said okay here's my CASE card, now lets see he wins.

First your advertising was false, stating 1999, but my receipt shows 1,795 before discount. Plus all the parts are missing and it doesn't work, and just to finish off, Pioneer Singapore said the machine was discontinued and parts would be a problem.

They paid my money back on the dot! That will teach me to be careful of a bargain in Singapore, they all seem to have hidden agendas.

Ebay was selling the same in the auction 350 pound sterling, normal price is 500, but at least you get a brand new unit. Not a 3 year old used one at a jacked up price with a 1k 100 discount. :roll:

Any recommendation in these multi channel units with blue ray would be helpful, the digital roll out is 2012 and I'm all wired up for it.

The good news is, they phoned me up, and have given me a great offer on the LX50, with 1 year guarantee, all the new parts which the agent supplied and another discount so I'm happy now ! :)

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