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Hiking at MacRitchie Nature Park - Tomorrow June 19th

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Hiking at MacRitchie Nature Park - Tomorrow June 19th

Postby openbox » Fri, 18 Jun 2010 9:59 am

Just posting separately as someone suggested for more visibility in case you don't check the cultureX posting.

We're having a leisurely hike at MacRitchie Nature Reserve tomorrow so do join us if you're interested in seeing the natural greenery/forest critters in Singapore.

Hiking in MacRitchie with TreeTop Walk

Meetup Time: Saturday, June 19th - 10:00am
Location: MacRitchie Reservoir Car Park

For those interested in working up a nice sweat to start off the weekend, especially to get rid of all the alcohol running in the system after Friday night, join us for a leisurely hike in Singapore's most well-known nature reserve at MacRitchie Reservoir.

Meet-up will be at MacRitichie Reservoir Car Park. Directions in the link below (click the pull-down tab for "Getting There")


This will be a 3-4hr hike, approximate 6.5miles / 10km long, going along the Petai trail right at the beginning to see the flowers and lakes, then going up the main trail before culminating at the HSBC Treetop Walk. Slope is gentle for most of the way, with a few short steep patches. We'll take it nice and slow so as long as you are in average shape, it shouldn't be a problem. 5-10min breaks every hr. Trust me, this will not be a power hike at a brutal pace but it will be a good sweat. We want to take our time to see the monkeys, squirrels, iguanas, even the snakes that can be commonly found on the trail. For the photography enthusiasts, bring your cameras to take some memories!

After taking in the spectacular view at the Treetop Walk, we'll head down taking a shortcut through the Golf link bordering on SICC (Singapore Island Country Club) and make our way back to the Car Park.

We can finish it off with a picnic next to the reservoir (there is a nice cafe where we can buy snacks at the start point or bring your own food/wine) or head to the many nearby eateries for Brunch!


Here are some photos taken off the net. I also did a run recently along the trail we'll be taking and came across the monkeys and other wildlife. Its a beautiful trek.



Lastly, if you're in the west, I can pick up a few people as I will be driving. Just give me a heads up in advance. Some of our members also drive so let me know who would like a lift and I'll check for those who live in the same area. You can also store stuff in the trunk in the beginning so you don't carry too much items during the hike.

Things to Bring:

I would suggest the following things be part of what you bring:

A) Water Bottles - Preferably at least 1L
B) Snacks to keep you going
C) Insect Repellent (optional)
D) Caps / Sunglasses / Sunscreen
E) 1 Change of Shirt/Blouse

There are also public showers/lockers that are relatively clean at the starting point for those who hate being sticky.


I can be reached at or check out Culture X Singapore in Facebook. Just give me a heads-up via email/pm if you will be attending. Open to one and all and everyone interested. If you need more details as well, send me an email!

Cheers all!

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